10 Things We Used To Do On Yahoo! Messenger

You will all agree with me on this – especially when you’re a 90’s kid. During our teens, everyone was on Yahoo! Messenger after mIRC became not-so-cool anymore. Yahoo! Messenger (popularly known as YM) was the coolest thing on the computer. Everyone was just addicted to it, and here are some things that we all used to do on YM:

1. Emoticons are ALWAYS present in chats. You were cool back then if you knew about the secret batch of emoticons that Yahoo! didn’t display on the emoticon pane.


2. Status messages were either song lyrics, or really emotional quotes from random shows/books.


3. Nothing pisses you off like someone using an audible on you.


4. Group chats were fun, especially when there are about 20+ people typings things at the same time.


5. You felt nervous when the other person is typing for a very long time; something serious is coming up.


6. Buzzing someone when they’re not responding to your message/s.


7. Seeing your crush logging in, and waiting for a couple of minutes before you start a conversation with them to not make you look like an eager beaver.


8. Logging in and out of Yahoo! Messenger to get the attention of your crush.


9. Going on stealth mode/Invisible so that you will only talk to the ones you want to chat with.


10. Or going on invisible mode to avoid unwanted conversations with people from your contact list.


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