Every year, part of my resolution list is to get fat gain weight. Every time I share this to my friends they ALWAYS tell me to enjoy my beautiful problem, and wait until I’m 30 because that’s when my metabolism will slow down. Or get pregnant. Wow, great options guys.

So now that it’s 2014, I just and still want to gain some fat here and there. I’ve been stuck in a skinny body since time immemorial. While everyone says that it’s hard to lose weight, well it’s hard to gain weight also! I know all the other skinny girls out there can relate to me. So while I try really hard to stuff fat in my body, here are a few things that will make you understand my #SkinnyGirlProblems:

You eat anything and everything that can make me gain weight, even if tastes like shit.

You eat three full bowls of cereal and you discover that it’s just 600 calories. CALORIES. ARE. TOO. FEW. (Normal-sized adults need an average of 2,500 calories in a day. Those who want to gain weight need at least 3,500.)

When the nutritionist tells you that you need to consume around 3,500-4,500 calories a day and live a sedentary lifestyle. Then, you discover that a cup of rice is just 60 calories.

Everyone’s talking about juicing/Paleo diet/Cohen diet/whatever diet there is in this planet and you’re just like… yeah I want a box of pizza.

Sometimes you eat too much, and you just want to sit down. And feel like you’re fat (even if you’re not).

You go to office and see that no one is touching the free lunch food because they’re on a diet, so you just grab them all and eat them in one corner.

You feel like you’ve gained some weight but then you weigh yourself and you actually lost three pounds FOR EATING A LOT OF FOOD.

When you tell someone that you badly need to gain weight, and they tell you “Oh you don’t need to gain weight your skinny body is fine!” or “I wish I had your problem.”…

But really you just want to gain some weight so you’re not just skin and bones. And because you want to feel sexy.

When you have friends and loved one who are very supportive and force feed you so much food – especially your favorite ones!

You sit down and list down all of your expenses, and 70% of it are food purchases.

When you have too much work to do but you just want to eat some more cake..

When people comment on your Facebook photos that you look like you gained some weight, and when they see you in person they’re like NO YOU’RE STILL SKINNY.

After all that effort for eating so much food for one year, you weigh in and see that you gained a pound. ONE HOLY CRAPPING POUND. Another year, another pound yeaaaah


I hope you can cheer me on if ever you see me wolf down food like a madman!

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