In Fairness To Ms. Curtis


So… the story about Anne Curtis’ panic buying/slap fest is spreading like wild fire. I’m sure you all know the story – all versions of it. If you haven’t been briefed yet, please read up first before proceeding with this article.

You can read the stories here:

PEP EXCLUSIVE Anne Curtis survives embarrassing night out with friends; says sorry and is forgiven, all on the same day

John Lloyd’s Inappropriate Behavior Triggered Anne Curtis’ Outburst At Privé


Now, you get the drift.

I’ve read a lot of comments about the said incident. Some were sympathetic to Anne. Some expressed their rage (rage talaga?). Some people just made fun of it – and yes, I am part of that slice of the pie. So while the issue is still on the table, let’s analyze what went wrong, who deserves the blame, and who earns the pity hug. Let’s do it via the point system! One point on whoever did the right thing per incident/scene. Winner gets the netizens’ approval.

Let’s start!

(Important Note: Please bear in mind that all situations mentioned are just based on the articles linked above.)


Since Anne reserved a portion of the club for her friend’s bachelorette party, she gets rights to the bar (it’s included in the package, right?). JLC et. al. kept on crossing over to their party space and allegedly kept on getting drinks as well, so maybe that’s the start of Anne’s tipping point. If Anne invited them over to share the drinks and join the party, that would be fine. But according to the press release, no invite was given. JLC and Co. just kept on getting drinks from Anne’s open bar. Obviously, the girl has kuripot issues. She doesn’t want to share them  Then again, she’s paying for all the bottles. She decides who she wants to share the alcohol with.

Ms. Curtis = 1 ; JLC and friends = 0



We always prank people, especially if they are our friends. It’s always funny, until you bang the cubicle door where your friend is, and she gets upset. In a Man vs. Wild way. Now this is where the root of all evil is. Banging someone’s bathroom stall door is ok, really. But the thing is, you don’t know what’s happening at the other side of the door. The person inside might be experiencing some nasty bowel movement, or something you really don’t want to know. Sige nga, kung ikaw ba taeng tae ka na tapos biglang may kumalampag ng pintuan mo. Hindi ka ba maiinis? Magagalit? Magwawala? 

Getting pissed off by the door-banging thing is fine. It’s understandable. But to slap not one, not two, but three people because of that? That girl is into some wild sh*t. Worse, she slapped the wrong people. Double check din ng sasampalin, pag may time.

Ms. Curtis = 1 ; JLC and friends = 1



Now, this is the tie-breaker.

Just as you thought slapping three people is hardcore, Anne steps up her anger games, calls JLC an addict (Why didn’t anyone react to this? Lol), and tells Phoemela Baranda these exact words…


That girl is on fire! She’s on a shopping spree! Ikaw ba naman, kalampagin ka sa banyo, eh mapipilitan ka talagang mamili ng mga tao!

I commend this girl for having so much liquid confidence, that she can buy Phoem, all of her friends (I think JLC is quite expensive, but Anne can afford him anyway), plus Privé Luxury Club. I haven’t seen Anne’s financial statements. But seeing all of her endorsements, she definitely can afford the club. And maybe some of Phoem’s friends.

Kidding aside.. Come on, guys. People get drunk. People say and do weird things when they’re drunk. Anne Curtis gets drunk, too! Give the girl a break. She’s human. Although malas lang niya, she’s under the limelight. I’ve done horrible (but mostly funny) things when I was drunk. Heck, I’ve seen my friends do stuff that are appallingly shocking, yet it’s not a big deal for me.

Ms. Curtis = 1.5 (0.5 for her purchasing power) ; JLC and friends = 1.5 (0.5 for keeping it cool)



Okay, I’m calling it a tie. I personally think that this is just another story about someone who got drunk – it was just blown out of proportion by the media. I really think it’s hilarious – getting drunk and trying to buy people and whatnot. Well, except the slapping part. That was uncalled for. Ms. Curtis apologized, the other party accepted it, forgave her, and I guess everything is back to normal.

In fairness talaga to Anne Curtis, she made a story worth talking about. You know, no great story starts with ‘Remember the time when I was eating a salad…’. Most of the notable ones start with ‘Remember the time when he/she got drunk…’. :)


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